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Spay and Neuter Surgery at Monrovia Animal Medical Center

When you have a new puppy or kitten, the last thing on your mind may be any worries about having your furry friend spayed or neutered. Our team at Monrovia Animal Medical Center can provide this important form of care for your Monrovia pet.

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Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

For some animal lovers, more is always better -- but this isn't always true where the local pet population is concerned. A litter of puppies or kittens may be a delightful surprise, but the realities of feeding and caring for all those animals often prove overwhelming. Many puppies and kittens have to be relocated to overburdened animals shelters, resulting in the destruction of millions of animals each year. You're therefore doing the animal community a humane service by preventing unwanted pregnancy.

But spaying and neutering also benefits the pet receiving the procedure. Both forms of sexual sterilization surgery involve removal of the reproductive organs -- either the male testes (castration) or the female uterus and ovaries (ovariohysterectomy). These organs are vulnerable to highly deadly cancers, so by removing them, we remove a major health risk from your pet's life. The hormones produced by the reproductive organs also fuel some potentially dangerous misbehaviors and compulsions, from getting into fights with other animals to roaming into strange territories in search of a mate. Without the influence of those hormones, your pet is no longer tormented by these impulses to leap into harm's way.

Understanding Your Pet's Spay or Neuter Procedure

Before your pet undergoes spay or neuter surgery at Monrovia Animal Medical Center, we will run a preliminary health check and counsel you on preparing your pet for surgery. (For instance, we may ask you to withhold any food after dinnertime.) Neuter surgeries tend to be over in a matter of minutes; spay surgeries, which are more invasive than neuter surgeries, may take up to any hour and a half for pets in heat. After surgery, we will advise you on home care practices, from administering medications to watching over the incision for any signs of infection or damage.

Schedule Surgery at Our Monrovia Clinic

Spay or neuter surgery could be one of the nicest things you ever do for your pet. We recommend scheduling it at 8 weeks of age so your pet will have a lifetime of better health to look forward to. Call (626)-358-1146 today!

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