Just like cats and dogs, reptiles require an occasional trip to the veterinarian in order to help stay healthy and happy. In fact, regular checkups provide early detection of life-threatening diseases. If you have a reptile and need more information on caring for your pet, contact the Animal Hospital Monrovia in Monrovia, CA, for more information.


What to Expect

Most veterinarians follow their own protocol for caring for reptiles. For the most part, your vet will perform a series of tests. This includes a physical examination, including recording your pet’s weight, noting the general appearance and mobility and asking for a detailed history on your reptiles’ behavior, feeding schedule and general care. Blood testing is done in order to help evaluate the organs and electrolytes. A fecal analysis can detect internal parasites and skin swabs can check for abnormal bacteria and yeast. Your vet may also do x-rays to check for any abnormalities within the body.

Pet Care

If you are new to reptile ownership, there are a few things to know. First, your pet’s habitat is the most important factor in maintaining his health. Research and find out what the best habitat is. We can also provide recommendations. For the most part, a larger habitat is better for your reptile. Even the smallest reptiles need big tanks in order to stay happy. Look for a glass terrarium with a mesh or wire lid. Other items to include are:

  • Humidifier
  • Light and heat sources
  • Thermometers
  • Food
  • Bowls
  • Bedding
  • Plants, rocks, and logs

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Welcoming a reptile into your home requires a big commitment. Unlike cats and dogs, reptiles hide illnesses extremely well. With regular veterinarian care, you can quickly identify any illnesses and provide treatment immediately. Contact us at the Animal Hospital Monrovia at (626) 358-1146 today to schedule your reptiles next checkup and to learn more about keeping him healthy.

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