Pet Boarding FAQs

Pet Boarding: The Perfect Pet Care Solution for Traveling Pet Owners 

 Pet boarding offers a viable solution to care for your pet while you travel. Whether you’re traveling for business or going on vacation, boarding your pet in a safe and secure facility will ensure they are well cared for during your absence. As boarding facilities differ in the accommodations and care they provide, it’s important to choose wisely. At Monrovia Animal Medical Center, we encourage you to compare what boarding facilities have to offer in the way of trained workers, services and lodging before selecting a "home away from home" for your pet companion.

Pet Boarding FAQ

What to Look for in a Pet Boarding Facility

Whether you’re boarding your pet for a few days or a few weeks, tour the facility in advance to get a first-hand view of their operations. Check out the kennels for cleanliness, space and ventilation. Ask about pet exercise times, meals, baths and requirements for vaccinations. Does the boarding facility have enough personnel to handle the animals and are they trained and knowledgeable in animal care? Is there a certified veterinarian on staff who can handle emergencies?

At Monrovia Animal Medical Center, we know how difficult it can be to leave your pet in the care of strangers. For this reason, we try to make your pet’s stay as safe and comfortable as possible. We ensure all pets have their vaccinations before accepting them as boarders for the protection of all our animals. We’ll even have our veterinarian immunize your pet, if necessary, to meet this qualification.

When boarding with us, your pet will stay in clean, safe kennels and be looked after by knowledgeable, caring staff. They will be fed nutritious meals that align with their dietary needs and get sufficient exercise/playtime to stay healthy and happy under our care. We also provide grooming; bathing (free when your pet boards for 14 days or more) and other vet care services that will help your pet have a safe and enjoyable stay.

Benefits of Pet Boarding While You Travel

Pet boarding provides your pet with a safe, secure location to stay while you are away on business or holiday. If you can’t take your pet with you, boarding is a great alternative for quality pet care. Pet boarding provides your pet with an opportunity to socialize with other animals and make new friends within a safe, supervised environment. By choosing a reputable pet boarding facility that’s certified, bonded and insured, you can have peace of mind that your pet will receive quality care.   

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