Pet Boarding FAQs

Pet Boarding FAQs

If you have a dog or cat, caring for your pet when you are not around to do so yourself is a concern to keep in mind. There are many reasons why pet Boarding is a favorable option. If you require boarding services, Monrovia Animal Medical Center in Monrovia can help. Here are some frequently asked questions about pet boarding to read over so you better understand the procedures used and the benefits you can obtain by using this service.

Pet Boarding FAQ

What Happens When A Pet Gets To A Boarding Facility?

When you bring your pet to our facility, documentation will first be evaluated to determine that your pet has received necessary immunizations before they are granted with their space. This is for the protection of other animals in the building. If your pet requires immunizations, our veterinarian will administer them as needed. Your pet will be introduced to the staff workers who will be caring for it in your absence. This can be done while you are present to help in reassuring your animal. 

What Are Some Of The Benefits A Boarding Facility Provides?

One of the big reasons why people bring pets to boarding facilities is the benefit of having around-the-clock care available for their dogs or cats. A veterinarian is on-site or available via phone call so an assessment of a pet with a medical problem can be conducted without delay. A boarding facility allows for pets that require medication to be treated according to a proper schedule as well. Pets have the opportunity to socialize with other boarders, giving them necessary interaction and exercise. Bringing your pet to a boarding service also decreases security issues in your home as no one will need to come to your property to care for your pet while you are away.

Why Does Our Pet Boarding Facility Make Sense For Your Situation?

Our pet Boarding facility has several clean and spacious areas for your dog or cat to rest and play. We have an experienced staff ready to provide your pet with plenty of attention. This helps to decrease the possibility of anxiety or depression when you are not around to tend to your pet on your own. We will adhere to any dietary restrictions, administer medication when needed, and keep on top of your pet's health needs throughout their stay. In addition, your pet will have the ability to spend time with other pets if they enjoy socializing.

If you are ready to schedule a stay for your pet at our boarding facility, give Monrovia Animal Medical Center in Monrovia a call to find out about availability. Call us today at (626)-358-1146 to find out more.

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