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Pet Bathing With Monrovia Animal Medical Center In Monrovia, CA

A regular bath schedule not only keeps your furry friend smelling fresh and clean, but it also has a number of medical benefits. Pet bathing at our Monrovia veterinarian, Monrovia Animal Medical Center, is a comprehensive, head-to-tail procedure that can improve your pet's health and happiness.

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Health Benefits of Pet Bathing

Dogs, and even some cats, can suffer from dermatological conditions if they are not bathed thoroughly and regularly. A proper pet bath removes the dirt and bacteria that can lead to skin infections and cause potentially painful matting of the fur, especially in long-hair breeds. Health benefits of pet bathing are especially important for animals with medical conditions.


If your pet has a medical condition, professional pet bathing may not only be a benefit but a necessity. Bathing helps eliminate fungal, bacterial and yeast infections. In fact, with bathing that is frequent and involves shampoo soaks, antibiotic treatment may not be necessary. At our sterile grooming facility, we are able to let medicated shampoos soak into the skin for a prolonged time, which is key to killing infectious organisms and parasites.


Pet bathing also helps relieve allergy symptoms in dogs and cats. Just as a shower can help itchy humans feel better, a bath can soothe the skin of itchy animals. For this reason, bathing can reduce the need to rely on antihistamine and Corticosteroid medications in some pets. By bathing your pet at our Monrovia veterinarian, we can observe the animal and her symptoms to help determine if doses of these medications can be reduced.

Pet bathing also benefits your whole household. Pets that are clean of dirt, dander (similar to dandruff) and odors are less likely to irritate people who have medical conditions, especially allergies and asthma.

Pet Bathing Safety

If you have ever had a reaction to a grooming product, you know that all ingredients are not safe for all people. The same goes with animals. Based on your pet's medical history and skin and coat condition, we will determine which high-quality; veterinarian shampoo will provide the optimal cleansing for your pet's needs. Likewise, we will use your pet's breed, health history, activity and environment to recommend a bathing schedule. Then, we will ensure your pet is safe and comfortable throughout the bathing process.

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