Dr. Nicole Gueniat



Dr. Gueniat was fascinated by all creatures on earth as a little girl. Her room was wall to wall full with pictures from the animal world. She walked other people's dogs, she spent every free minute after school at the horse barn, and she raised tadpoles to frogs. Her first pets were three hamsters. At age 12 she assisted a pigmy goat when giving birth to three baby pigmies. Her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian became true when she graduated from Veterinary School in Bern, Switzerland, in 1983. She specialty trained in reproductive physiology and internal medicine at Iowa State and Oklahoma State. In her general practice serving as family veterinarian, Dr. Gueniat is enthusiastic about good preventive health care and has a special interest in dentistry. She enjoys educating pet owners in how preventive pet care can make their pets live long, healthy, and happy, pain free lives.


In the spare free time, Dr. Gueniat enjoys singing in the Swiss Singing Society Harmonie (www.swissharmonie.com) together with her husband, and outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. Dr. Gueniat and her husband Martin have been active member of the Swiss Singing Society Harmonie for many years which performs traditional Swiss Folk Songs in four languages throught America and Switzerland. The choir meets weekly for practice rehearsals. Twice a year, the choir gives concerts at its home location at the Swiss Park (www.swisspark.com), usually one in the spring and one at Christmas.

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