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Pet Boarding at Monrovia Animal Medical Center

In an ideal world, your beloved pt would be able to stay at your side all the time. In reality, things happen and we have to part from our pets for extended periods of time for reunions, long-distance business events, hospital stays and so forth. If you want to feel assured that your pet is safe, sound, and happy while you're gone, you need to look into the veterinary pet boarding services offered here at Monrovia Animal Medical Center in Monrovia CA.

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Why Do Pets Need Veterinary Boarding?

It's quite common for pet owners to ask a friend or neighbor to feed their pets and look in on them from time to time while  the owners are away. But this arrangement can actually permit more problems than it solves. If your pet remains alone 90 percent of the time, he may experience a traumatic condition known as separation anxiety, leading him to act out through destructive or aggressive behavior. It's also possible that he might suffer an acute injury or other health crisis during all those hours alone and unsupervised -- with help coming too late. Animals who deal with chronic illnesses may need a daily level of care that the average friend or neighbor simply can't provide.

Pet boarding at our veterinary center removes these risks and worries. When your pet has ready access to a skilled veterinarian like our own Dr. Gueniat, you know he can receive the care he needs if his health suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Regular supervision from our vet team also ensures that he will get his daily meds or any other specialized services he may require. Meanwhile, the presence of humans and other pets can help prevent loneliness and separation anxiety.

Why Choose Our Pet Boarding Center?

Monrovia Animal Medical Center offers the ideal pet boarding environment for your special friend. In addition to top-class care from our veterinarian, your pet will also enjoy excellent meals, daily (indoor or outdoor) exercise, a spacious enclosure, and whatever degree of interaction he may prefer. We keep our boarding facility free of pest and disease issues, which is why we'll need to make sure your pet has had all his preventative work done beforehand. (Contact us for details.)

Free Bath With Your Pet's 14-Day Boarding Stay!

You and your pet will both benefit from our boarding services. Schedule a boarding stay of 14 days or more, and we'll throw in a free bath for your furry friend. Board your pet within 90 days of your initial visit to us, and the first boarding day is free. Call (626) 358-1146!

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