Boarding Hamsters, Rats & Mice

Hamster, Rat & Mice Boarding in Monrovia

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Monrovia Animal Medical Center offers boarding for hamster, rats & mice as a courtesy to our regular patients and clients. Visit our pristine boarding facility any time during regular business hours; ask to see it! We require a physical exam annually by a veterinarian from this hospital.

If you are a first-time client to our hospital, your pet will receive $30 off the first wellness exam by the doctor, and 1-day FREE boarding within the first 90 days of your first visit. The doctor is on the premises every day and supervises the well-being of your pet.

Boarding patrons are required to sign a Medical Care Plan at time of drop off. Payment in full is due at the time of pick up. In the event your pet becomes ill, you will be asked to authorize a form allowing us to initiate appropriate treatment until you can be reached.

What To Bring

Please bring all the food your hamster, rat or mouse will eat (hay, pellets, grain mix, rat block etc.) including fresh veggies prepared for feeding, as well as bedding your pet is accustomed to. We recommend you bring the entire living quarters of your pet (cage) as this will greatly reduce stress with your pet while away from home. Please bring appropriate medications your pet will need while boarding with us and provide directions on how to administer your pet's medication. Fees for medications that need to be filled or refilled during the time your pet is boarded will be added to your bill.

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