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Pet Grooming at Monrovia Animal Medical Center

Your beloved pet may always seem beautiful to you -- but that doesn't mean that he can't benefit from grooming services at Monroe Animal Medical Center. Grooming is more than just a cosmetic option; in fact, it's an essential part of preventative wellness care. The fact that your pet will also look and smell his best is, of course, a delightful bonus! Here at Monrovia Animal Medical Center, we're proud to offer veterinary grooming for dogs, cats, and small mammals.

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The Health Benefits of Pet Grooming

Pets naturally grow unkempt and dirty over time, and this can have some serious consequences for their well-being. The long, untrimmed hair of the proverbial "shaggy dog" can easily tangle up into mats that make brushing and bathing painful or even impossible. This is bad news for the skin, which continues to build up skin oil for bacteria to feed on, potentially leading to infection and irritation.

But your pet's external threats don’t end with skin problems. Toenails that aren't worn down by outdoor life may overgrow into sharp talons that get hung on flooring. This can actually tear the nails loose, causing terrible pain and leaving open wounds. Last but not least, the anal glands at your pet's bottom can become backed up, resulting in dangerous abscesses.

Professional pet grooming can prevent or minimize all of these concerns. You might be able to bather your pet or trim his nails yourself, but tough mats and tricky toenails may require expert care to avoid hurting your best friend. The other great benefit of pet grooming at our clinic is the fact that our Monrovia veterinarian is on hand to note any health problems uncovered during the grooming process, recommending any necessary treatment measurements then and there.

Grooming Services from Our Monrovia Veterinarian

Your pet is in sensitive, caring hands here at Monrovia Animal Medical Center. We can administer fashionable haircuts to give your pet a whole new look (or restore a preferred old look). If your pet is troubled by stubborn mats, we can untangle them carefully or trim them away. We can then give your pet a soothing and/or medicated bath while our veterinarian examines your pet's skin. Expert toenail trimming removes sharp points without causing harm. Anal gland expression frees trapped fluid to reduce inflammation and prevent infection. When we're done, your pet will enjoy not only great looks but also optimal health.

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