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Monrovia Animal Medical Center is a full service animal hospital offering comprehensive health care for your pets. This includes physical exams, vaccinations, full range of laboratory services, diagnostic procedures like x-rays and dental x-rays, general surgery, and we have an in-house and online pet pharmacy. We recognize that your pets are important members of your family. We believe that keeping your pet healthy and happy not only benefits your pet, but benefits your family as well. Our doctors and staff are here to help ensure that your pet enjoys the very best quality of life, and that your pet companions live the longest and healthiest life possible.

Dr. Gueniat is trained in the latest techniques should your pet require a surgical procedure. Monrovia Animal Medical Center offers a full range of soft tissue surgeries from routine spays and neuters to more advanced procedures. Our modern veterinary x-ray equipment ensures your pet has minimal exposure to radiation, while providing us with the detailed imaging in order to evaluate your pet's condition and determine the best form of treatment. At Monrovia Animal Medical Center, you won't have to wait days for laboratory analysis. Our fully equipped veterinary laboratory allows us to perform advanced diagnostics such as electrolytes, blood chemistry, and CBC testing to help us determine the best treatment plan for your pet's medical condition. Immediate results can be shared to help you and your Veterinarian determine treatment options available for your pet's health care needs.

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